GO Pledge - Go Organic Campaign
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Sign on to the Go Organic Pledge of Intention

As a consumer, I am concerned about the impact of the multitude of pesticides we are exposed to. Pesticides are linked to serious and long-term impacts on the health of people, wildlife, our food supply, drinking water and the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.


I want to support my/my family’s choices for healthy living and support farmers, vendors, manufacturers, and retailers who provide pesticide-free and organic options.


I want to support a transition to healthy soils—on farms, in our communities and personal gardens—which provide healthy food and slow down climate change by sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.


I want to promote a sustainable future for the next generation and the generation not yet born.


As a Go Organic! participant, I will vote with my fork and wallet to prioritize purchasing organic and pesticide-free foods, products, land and pest management services, and support farms and other producers and retailers that are contributing to a sustainable, regenerative future.


As a Go Organic! participant I will take actions that support policies, practices and laws that reduce the use, sales, exposure and runoff of toxic pesticides.


In these ways, I pledge to help grow a healthy future for our babies, bees, birds and the Bay.


(Your signing on is anonymous, however we will use your email to occasionally send you action alerts and updates.)

    Thank you for making the Go Organic Pledge!