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Important Steps You Can Take Now

Does the deluge of news on issues you care about feel overwhelming?

Act locally! Go Organic Maryland helps you focus your power on local advocacy, where Marylanders have proven we can make a difference. We also spotlight personal choices we make every day— voting with our wallets and our forks—for products and actions that enhance our health and collectively drives the market to change.

Check here regularly for meaningful actions that will magnify your impact in creating the changes you want to see!

Act locally!

Protect Maryland’s babies, bees and the Bay

Please Sign On to Support a Crucial Pesticide Protection!

Prevent the EPA from bowing to industry pressure and creating a loophole for half of the 12,000 ‘forever’ PFAS chemicals

Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), commonly referred to as “forever chemicals,” are a group of harmful, man-made chemicals that do not break down in the environment. These substances build up in our drinking water, ecosystems, and bodies. They cause higher risk of multiple cancers, developmental issues in children, reproductive damage, endocrine disruption, kidney damage, higher cholesterol, and other long-term health impacts.


PFAS were recently found in three of the mosquito control pesticides used by the Maryland Dept. of Agriculture in its weekly spray program in 2,100 communities.


EPA’s new proposed PFAS definition would exempt half of the 12,000 current PFAS chemicals from regulatory protections, including those most likely in pesticides!


Please take 3 minutes to email your Congressional representative and ask them to co-sponsor the PFAS Definition Improvement Act (HR5987) to ensure we are maintaining the current definition of PFAS (used worldwide) so all 12,000 PFAS chemicals can be effectively researched, reported, and regulated.


Sign on now!


You can also opt-out for your property or community from the Maryland spray program. Learn how.

Are Maryland Banned Neonics & Chlorpyrifos Pesticides Being Sold Near You?

They might be! Help by checking your neighborhood stores, its easy.

Brain-damaging chlorpyrifos was banned for all uses in Maryland and bee-killing neonicotinoids were banned in all consumer outdoor garden products.


But we’re finding evidence that the Md. Dept. of Agriculture is not adequately notifying the professional users, farmers, and retailers, so stores may be continuing to sell these products. We need to know if and where they are.


Please join our volunteer Pollinator Protection Squad by visiting certain retailers and checking the insecticide products for banned active ingredients (prominently listed on front of labels). It’s easy and takes 5 minutes.


Download the Pollinator Squad fact sheet for the simple steps, pesticides, and retailers.


Our babies and bees will thank you!