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You can reduce your pesticide consumption.
Take a first step.


Join the Go Organic campaign! We’re empowering Marylanders to protect ourselves, our families and our state from harmful pesticides—through our actions and the purchases we make everyday.


Go Organic! Vote with Your Wallet, Vote with Your Fork is a campaign of the Maryland Smart on Pesticides Coalition of 96 organizations and businesses. We’re working to protect our babies, bees and the Bay from adverse impacts of pesticides, while promoting safer alternatives.

You have choices.
You vote everyday, with your wallet and fork.

Consumer power drives change, join the movement!

We cast a vote everyday with our wallet and our fork. Protect your health by avoiding pesticide laden food, products and services. Instead, choose organic or pesticide-free alternatives. Each choice is a powerful act that can reduce your toxic chemical body-burden. And, with every dollar you withhold from polluting industries, you’ll be creating greater demand for affordable, clean and organic alternatives.

Organics are readily available and can be affordable on any budget.

Even adding a few organic or pesticide-free products can support your, and your family’s, health! Prices have fallen, so that some organic products and services can be little or no more expensive than pesticide reliant conventional products and services. See our Organic On A Budget page for tons of ideas and connections.

Pesticide Body Burden?

A Baltimore family goes organic for 1 week in a study examining pesticide body burden.

What happened is shocking.

Are All Organic Eggs Equal?

It depends on how the hens are raised. Find out how your brand treats its hens.

See the Organic Egg Scorecard.

Bee-killing Neonics 

Some stores are still selling these baned products. Download these easy steps to verify.

Help Maryland enforce its bee law.

Make the Go Organic! Pledge to reduce your pesticide consumption in 2019.

Source clean, organic and pesticide-free alternatives here.

Find new suppliers for food (vote with your fork), services and products (vote with your wallet)—and learn the compelling reasons you should choose them. The following website sections will be expanded weekly with lots of new resources to help you move toward a pesticide-free lifestyle. Get started now, with the links below. Go Organic! Vote with Your Wallet, Vote with Your Fork.


Organic on a budget.
Avoid the Dirty Dozen.
Finding clean food.
Farmers market pocket guide.
GO Now.


Find Eco-friendly diapers,
organic beauty care,
healthy home products.
Safe home pest control.
GO now.


New farming trends.
Healthy lawn & garden.
Bee-safe plants, seeds.
Bee-safe pest control.
GO now.


Support clean farmers.
Find products, services,
shops and websites.
Guide to “eco” labels.
GO now.


Pesticide research library.
Go Organic principals.
Need to know strategies,
i.e. Safe mosquito control.
GO now.


On a tight budget?
No worries! Learn
cost-effective ways
to Go Organic,
enjoy the benefits,
on budget.
GO now.


Step 1: Pledge your intent
to buy less pesticide-
laden products, to vote with
your wallet & fork. Sign on!
GO now.


Join Smart on Pesticides
listserv for action alerts
on Maryland efforts to
reduce toxic impacts.
GO now.

Subscribe! Our PesticideSmart monthly newsletter shares eye-opening briefs (the good, the bad and the ugly) and great resources for cleaner living.

A Toilet Paper Company You Can Love

Go Organic Salutes: Who Gives A Crap

This year I received an odd holiday gift: a roll of toilet paper. Its colorful wrapper said, “Who Gives A Crap, good for your bum, great for the world.” Hmm… I took a peek at whogivesacrap.org. Did you know that 2.3 billion people across the world don’t have access to a toilet—40% of the global population! Around 289,000 children under 5 die every year from diarrheal diseases caused by poor water and sanitation—almost 800 children per day, or one child every two minutes—wait, what?!!


When Danny, Simon and Jehan learned this in 2012, they used GoFundMe to launch Who Gives A Crap and raised $50,000 in 50 hours. (Simon sat on a toilet in their drafty warehouse and refused to move until they had raised enough pre-orders to start production.) Their mission: to help this global crisis by donating 50% of their profits from recycled and forest-friendly toilet paper sales.


Amazingly, Who Gives A Crap has donated over $1.3 million to building toilets and improving access to hygiene, water and basic sanitation in developing countries. And saved a heck of a lot of trees, water and energy, too. Wow!


Who Gives A Crap is a soft quality product your bum will like; it’s budget-friendly and delivered straight to your door. Best of all, you can feel GREAT about having a hand in bringing sanitation to people (and ecosystems) where the NEED is great. Turns out, every dollar invested in sanitation yields $5.50 in increased economic prosperity—who knew? “Toilets are magical.”


So, get started on your holiday shopping today—give yourself and the world a gift!


Go Organic readers, SAVE $10 off your first order! https://www.talkable.com/x/5BThky

Make the Go Organic! Pledge to reduce your pesticide consumption in 2018.