A Maryland Retailer that Inspires and Leads in Organic Living - Go Organic Campaign
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A Maryland Retailer that Inspires and Leads in Organic Living

A Maryland Retailer that Inspires and Leads in Organic Living

Go Organic Salutes: MOM’s Organic Markets

When we want to cast a strong vote with our dollar, shopping at MOM’s Organic Market heads our list. From humble beginnings working out of his mom’s garage in 1978, MOM’s founder Scott Nash has grown this family-owned organic market chain to 10 stores in Maryland and 11 in DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

MOM’s was founded on a mission to save the planet and puts the environment first with its groundbreaking policies that are a model for environmental responsibility. They embody their eco-sensibility in their store design, all-organic expanded inventory, high sustainability standards, employment practices, innovative store programs, and strong community involvement.

Here are some examples of why Go Organic Maryland salutes MOM’s Organic Markets this month.

  • MOM’s works for those doing organic on a budget—it has been featured in the consumer’s Checkbook as one of the  cheapest places to buy organic produce. Their monthly sales flyer offers further savings. MOM’s offers bulk options on a wide array of products.
  • All produce is certified organic and MOM’s maintains progressive standards that excludes a list of 100+ banned ingredients.
  • MOM’s has an extensive product line to support an organic lifestyle, not just organic eating, including certified organic clothing, cleaning supplies, cosmetics and personal care products—even beekeeping equipment is available from some locations.
  • In 2005, MOM’s banned plastic grocery bags and introduced a $.10 bag credit for customers who use reusable bags. Their commitment to eliminating unnecessary plastic waste resulted in MOM’s customers preventing 2,629,920 plastic bags from being used in 2018, by encouraging customers to bring their own.
  • In 2010, MOM’s became the first grocer to remove all bottled water from its aisles and replacing it with water machines and reusable water containers for customers.
  • MOM’s offers free recycling services to customers–especially helpful for hard-to-recycle objects including natural cork, jeans, batteries, shoes, food squeeze pouches, compost, cell phones, glasses, health and beauty packaging, brita filters, plastic and snack bags, as well as cardboard.
  • MOM’s gives back by investing in renewable energy projects and donating over $500,000 annually to local organizations that share their mission.
  • The company supports electric and hybrid vehicles to reduce global warming emissions and hosts Level II car charging stations at all locations (except Bowie) and is a member of U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge program. MOM’s will contribute 15% for any electric car purchase their employees make.

MOM’s inspires, supports, and nourishes us on the path to an organic life, healthier communities and planet. Visit a MOM’s store near you (and be sure to get a complimentary cup of organic coffee to enjoy during your shopping trip): www.momsorganicmarket.com/