Merryfield Organic Shopping App: Making Organic Easier and Cheaper
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Merryfield App

Want to earn rewards with every purchase? With the Merryfield app, get points and giftcards for buying better-for-you brands.

Merryfield App

Going Organic Just Got Easier with the Merryfield App


Merryfield is a new app to help you eat and live organically by rewarding organic purchases. While organic food can be more expensive than conventional products, the Merryfield app is a simple way to gain “Everyday Rewards” or points that you can use later to get money back.

Merryfield, available for free on iOS, is simple and straightforward. The app features a growing group of organic brands and you can redeem points when you purchase those products. The app also features monthly special offers that give greater reward points and tell you nearby stores that stock these brands. Scan your receipt after shopping and redeem points for gift cards from many stores, such as Sephora, Nike, and Whole Foods. As you continue your organic journey, you will be able to collect a bank of rewards in return!

Merryfield provides money back on “clean” products, subject to strict quality standards. This doesn’t just include food, but beauty products and pet food. Using this app helps keep you aware of what is actually “clean” and what has been labeled so misleadingly. If Merryfield accepts the product in its quality standards, this product is much more likely to be safe both for you and for the environment.

As going organic and searching for healthier, safer options become more common, software like this is important in the transition. Merryfield makes being organic much more accessible, not only for people with smaller budgets but with people who simply don’t know where to start. Check out the Merryfield app and download it at the Apple app store.

Keep Merryfield in mind for your next shopping trip and let us know if you like the program. Pair the Merryfield app with our tips on going organic on a budget.